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인간과 반려동물을 대상으로
해양천연물인 Halisulfate 유도체 항생제 개발



비만은 각종 성인병을 유발하는
'질병'으로 세계보건기구가 규정


Development status

Potential First-in-Class
& Best-in-Class NASH Drug

Patented FGF21 design
& Manufacturing method

Experienced & Validated Team in
the protein research field

  • Substantial potential market opportunity
  • Differentiated mechanism of action
  • Strong efficacy data of FGF21 including:
    • The levels of hepatic triglycerides and lipids
    • The degree of vacuolization of liver
    • Validated Immunogenicity
  • Five point-mutations for high affinity toward β-Klotho and enhanced receptor activation
  • The ever-first findings of
    • The temperature-responsive structural reversibility of FGF21 and
    • Heating-based purification of active FGF21
  • These findings can be applied to FGF21 analogs that are under therapeutic development
  • Sun-shin Cha (a full professor at Ewha Woman
    University) leads a competitive protein research group
  • Three LO experiences for β-lactamase inhibitors, human DJ-1 (park7), and FGF21 (to TODD) in Korea
  • About 130 publications including Nature, Immunity, Nature Genetics, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Communications, EMBO J, PNAS, Angewandte Chemie, Nucleic Acid Research, JBC, etc.